Rose Cake

A cake with rose water
Before vanilla became the dominant flavoring in cakes, cookies, and other confections, rosewater (made from rose petals steeped in water)was the common flavoring. Here's a cake recipe fit for royalty,
transcribed into modern English, from "The Queen's Closet Opened" an
eighteenth century cookbook

To make a cake with rose water,

way of the Royal Princess, the Lady Elizabeth,daughter to King Charles the First

half a peck of flour, half a pint of rose water, a pint of ale yeast,
and a pint of cream. Add to it a pound and a half of butter, six egg
yolks, four pounds of currants, one half pound of sugar, five
tablespoons grated , and a little salt. Beat it very well and let it stand half an hour by the fire. Then beat it again and make
it up [into a baking pan] and let it stand an hour and a half in the
oven. Let not your oven be too hot