Rose festival in Holland 10th 11th 12th 13th of August 2012

The Rose Festival 2012

"Roses connecting Cultures"

10 to 13 August 2012 The centre of Lottum, in the north of Limburg, will be the scenery again for the Rose Festival 2012, from the 10th till the 13th of August. The theme of the Rose Festival in 2012 is ‘’Roses connecting cultures’’. Visit the cosy market square, admire the beautifully decorated church and take a walk along the romantic ‘Kasteellaan’, alongside lots of rose mosaics to the enchanting castle ‘De Borggraaf’. Through a walk of three kilometres long, the trip will take you to the river Maas, where an impressive field is decorated in a rose atmosphere. In the evening the whole festival site is lit and the beauty of all the creations will be emphasized. And above all, the festival visitors can enjoy live music while having a drink and a snack.
Roses connectiong cultures The rose is multicultural. Each culture gives its own meaning to the rose. For example, in the Islamic world the rose stands for peace, love and understanding. The Greeks associated the rose with the blood of Adonis. And everybody knows the rose as the favorite flower of the Goddess of love, therefore a symbol on Valentine's Day. During the Rose Festival 2012, the rose will be the link between different cultures. A three-mile hike will take you along hundreds of thousands of roses and stunning mosaics. Everything during this weekend will be dominated by the theme 'Roses connect cultures.
Floriade During the Rose Festival, the Floriade also takes place in Northern Limburg. The choice of the theme is a reference to the Floriade, with which the ‘Stichting Rozendorp Lottum’ collaborates. Visit Lottum during the Rose Festival 2012 to taste various cultures in a rose-like atmosphere.
Rosefestival 2012:
10, 11, 12 en 13 August 2012
Friday 17.00 - 23.00 hr
Saturday until Monday 10.00 - 23.00 hr